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Why you should consider lacrosse this spring!

Lacrosse is the safer sport during a pandemic!  

Because of the characteristics listed below, lacrosse has an edge over nearly every other sport to varying degrees.


  • Played outside in a large area.  Unlike basketball.
  • Limited/reduced player contact compared to other sports.  Unlike basketball, soccer, and all football.
  • All players wear gloves.  Unlike basketball, soccer, and all football.
  • All players handle the ball with a stick/net.  (No ball or equipment handled commonly.)  Unlike basketball, soccer, baseball, and all football.
  • All players wear helmets.  Unlike basketball, soccer, baseball, and flag football.

Additional precautions with Rattlers lacrosse making it even safer for players and coaches.

  • All players wear full helmet face shields.  Unlike all other sports.
  • All coaches wear masks, face shields, or gaiters with filters during practice and games.  Depends on other clubs...most do not appear to be doing this consistently.
  • All players required to wear masks/gaiters during the season at practices and games when not wearing their helmet (to and from the field).  Depends on other sports organizations' policies.
  • Temperatures checked for all participants (players & coaches) at the beginning of all events.  Depends on other sports organizations' policies.

Try it this spring!  The Rattlers are registering now for grades K-8!  Link to registration HERE.

Check HERE for additional program information for Spring.